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Florida GrandDriver® Driving Skills Self-Assessment Questionnaire

  With the car windows rolled up, can you hear a siren or horn? Yes   No
  Do you hear the sound of your turn signals? Yes   No
  Are objects clear and bright? Yes   No
  Does night driving bother you? Yes   No
  Do you see clearly at night? Yes   No
  Can you go outside in the bright sunlight and see clearly right away? Yes   No
  Can you see clearly over the steering wheel? Yes   No
Head and Neck
  Can you turn your head an equal distance from one side to the other? Yes   No
  Can you turn your head and neck far enough to see over your shoulder? Yes   No
Arms and Hands
  Can you drive as far as you desire without your hands and arms being tired? Yes   No
  Can you drive for 30 minutes without your fingers or arms becoming tingly or numb? Yes   No
  Can you keep a firm but comfortable grip on the steering wheel with both hands while keeping your elbows bent and relaxed? Yes   No
  Can you lift your arm high enough to adjust the rearview mirror? Yes   No
  Can you cross one hand over the other when turning the wheel? Yes   No
Legs and Feet
  Can you depress the brake pedal with your knee bent? Yes   No
  Can you sit for 15 minutes without your feet or legs becoming tingly or numb? Yes   No
  Do you always use your right foot to depress the pedal? Yes   No
  Can you bend your foot at least 10 degrees? Yes   No
If you answered no to any of the above questions, you may want to use the some tips and simple exercises which may help you drive safer…longer.

  Do you have trouble deciding when to enter a lane of moving traffic? Yes   No
  Do intersections confuse you? Yes   No
  Does driving make you angry? Yes   No
  In the past year, have you gotten a traffic ticket or had an accident? Yes   No
  Have family or friends expressed concern about your driving? Yes   No

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're not alone. The fact is that the natural physical changes from normal aging affect your ability to drive safely. That's why drivers over 65 have more accidents per mile driven than any other age group except teenagers. Fortunately, you can cope with many of these changes by learning your limits and adjusting your driving.


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