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Florida GrandDriver® Facts

Thank you for visiting our Grand Driver web site. We trust you will find the senior driver information and resources available on this web site easy to find and useful.

Florida has more seniors living here than any other state. In fact, over 17% of Florida’s population is 65 years and older compared to the national average of 13 percent living in the United States (U.S. Census 2010). The number of older residents will continue to grow, and Florida is projected to remain number one. With 27% of Florida’s population projected to be 65+ by 2030, our state will beat out the rest of the Nation at just 20%. (U.S. Census Bureau).

U.S. Census Bureau Projections
65-and-over group
  Yr2011 Yr2020 Yr2030
United States
13% 16.2% 20%
Florida 17.3% 21.8% 27%

U.S. Census Bureau Median Age
United States
Florida *

*Florida is one of seven states with a median age over 40 and has eight counties with a median age of 50 or older.

Florida also claims five of the nations top 10 cities with the highest median age, including two in South Florida: Fort Lauderdale and Hialeah (both with 42.2)

In response to the demand for more information and resources for Florida’s senior drivers, our agency has posted a variety of resources on this web site. In addition, our agency is an active partner in the development and implementation of Florida’s Safe Mobility for Life Coalition. The Coalition, which involves over two dozen agencies and organizations, is hard at work on a new five-year state safety plan. The plan addresses the needs of our aging road users. It also offers practical solutions for keeping our senior drivers safely on the road and offers transportation alternatives as needed. For more information about the Coalition, Florida’s state safety plan, and the services and resources available for senior road users, please check out the menu on this Grand Driver web site and visit www.safeandmobileseniors.org.


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