Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicle Bulletins

Table of Contents
Dec 20, 2007IMPORTANT NOTICE - December Release Memo
Dec 20, 2007Technical Advisory R07-18 Specialty License Plates - Save the Manatee
Dec 20, 2007Important Notice - Constomer Service Center Phone Number
Dec 7, 2007Technical Advisory R07-17, Replacement Fee Increase and 6-Year Replacement Cycle
Dec 7, 2007Technical Advisory R07-16, Biennial Registration
Dec 4, 2007Technical Advisory BFO07-02, Line-Makes for Recreational Vehicles
Nov 28, 2007IMPORTANT NOTICE - Stolen Blank Georgia Certificates of Title
Nov 2, 2007Technical Advisory R07-15, Specialty License Plates
Sep 28, 2007IMPORTANT NOTICE - October FRVIS Release
Sep 21, 2007Technical Advisory R07-14, Insurance Verification
Aug 29, 2007Tax Collector Hardware Refresh Project - Hardware Ordering Instructions
Aug 27, 2007Technical Advisory T07-05, MSO's from GM Concerning Body Types
Aug 16, 2007Technical Advisory R07-13, Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
Aug 16, 2007Technical Advisory R07-12, Custom Vehicle License Plates
Aug 10, 2007Technical Advisory T07-06, Revision of HSMV Form 82994
Aug 7, 2007IMPORTANT NOTICE - New Fax numbers
Aug 6, 2007Decal Toner Ordering Instructions
Aug 3, 2007Technical Advisory T07-04, Electronic Title (E-Title) Implementation Date
Jul 31, 2007Technical Advisory R07-11, Florida Memorial University License Plates
Jul 20, 2007IMPORTANT NOTICE - July FRVIS Supplemental Release
Jul 12, 2007IMPORTANT NOTICE - Implementation of New Florida Vehicle Registration and 3M Toner
Jul 2, 2007Technical Advisory R07-10, Increase of Sea Turtle License Plate Fee
Jul 2, 2007Technical Advisory R07-09, 2007 Legislative Changes Which Will Effect Registration Procedures
Jun 28, 2007Technical Advisory R07-08, Insurance Exemption for Military Dependants
Jun 19, 2007IMPORTANT NOTICE - June FRVIS Release
Jun 18, 2007Technical Advisory T07-03, Electronic Title Process
Jun 15, 2007Field Support Help Desk
May 18, 2007Technical Advisory T07-01, Conversion of Vehicles to a Dump Truck
May 10, 2007Technical Advisory R07-07, Postal Service Fee Increase
May 10, 2007Technical Advisory R07-06, Specialty License Plate Redesign
Apr 3, 2007Samsung Printer Fuser Rework Project
Mar 12, 2007Updated BFO Forms on the Department's Website
Mar 8, 2007IMPORTANT NOTICE - Status of a Dealer License
Feb 9, 2007Technical Advisory T07-02, Executive Order 07-21
Feb 9, 2007IMPORTANT NOTICE - New Florida Vehicle Registration and Samsung Toner Allocation
Jan 31, 2007Technical Advisory R07-05 - Specialty License Plates
Jan 18, 2007R07-04, New Configuration and Range Assigned to Sunshine State License Plates
Jan 18, 2007R07-03, Redesign of University of Florida License Plate
Jan 18, 2007BFO07-01 - Garage Liability Insurance Policy
Jan 10, 2007Technical Advisory R07-02, Document Imaging
Jan 10, 2007Technical Advisory R07-01, Duplicate Registrations Available on E-Commerce