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photo of new recruits first day, in formation after receiving their new uniforms

The FHP Training Academy is in Tallahassee, Florida. The basic recruit class is approximately 23 rigorous weeks and Recruit Troopers are challenged physically, mentally and emotionally during their training to ensure they have what it takes for a career in law enforcement. The training is conducted in a paramilitary format with strict attention to detail. We emphasize teamwork and ethical decision making. Our training methods develop personal strength, character, maturity, self-confidence and leadership skills. The Florida Highway Patrol Training Academy curriculum exceeds Florida Department of Law Enforcement standards.

photo of recruits at the firing range

Training is conducted in a variety of formats. Through classroom lectures and discussions recruits learn basic concepts and knowledge. Practical exercises require the recruit to demonstrate proficiency in the skill area. Recruits are then placed in law enforcement scenarios. The scenarios require recruits to take action and demonstrate their learned skills. The Florida Highway Patrol requires that each recruit achieve an 80% or greater on all written exams.

photo of recruits in physical training

In addition to academic training, recruits participate in physical training each morning. The Florida Highway Patrol believes that living a physically fit lifestyle increases a Trooper's ability to cope with a demanding law enforcement career. Recruits regularly perform flexibility and cardiovascular endurance exercises. They also engage in muscular strength and conditioning exercises.

The Academy is a live-in training facility. All recruits will stay on academy grounds during the work-week. They will usually have the weekends off. Evenings at the academy give the recruit quiet time to study and prepare for upcoming training. photo of recruits first meal in academy cafeteriaRecruits are assigned to dormitory style rooms, and will have a roommate. The Recruits are responsible for the cleanliness and organization of their room.

As a recruit you are an employee of the State of Florida. We provide a salary, benefits, meals, and lodging and a positive training atmosphere. Recruits are expected to participate in their training and maintain a professional demeanor.

Ten weeks before graduation Troopers receive their initial assignment to one of Florida's 67 counties. We will provide all of your essential equipment, uniforms and a take-home patrol car. New Troopers must complete 10 weeks of field training, where they must demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities with certified Field Training Officers.

photo of recruits in formation and saluting the flag


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