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Sgt. Jorge Delahoz, Trooper Wanda Diaz, Auxiliary Trooper Dave Ferrell
Sgt. Jorge Delahoz, Trooper Wanda Diaz and Auxiliary Trooper Dave Ferrell

Troopers and Auxiliary Troopers from Troops D and K participated in a safety conference for young diabetic drivers. Troopers were invited to attend and talk to young people about the importance of safe driving, self-monitoring as a driver and to give family members a glimpse of what a diabetic driver may experience with the DUI goggles. Thousands of participants from around the world talked with troopers and saw the importance of buckling up with the rollover simulator in this weeklong conference.

Trooper Wanda Diaz and participants
Trooper Wanda Diaz and participants

Participants and their families tried out the DUI goggles. Not only do they simulate impairment, but diabetic participants told troopers that they simulate when a participant has low blood sugar. Family members without diabetes were able to see what a diabetic "sees" during an episode. Troopers also promoted the "Take the Wheel" campaign and website.

Sgt. Jorge Delahoz, Trooper Wanda Diaz and participants
Sgt. Jorge Delahoz, Trooper Wanda Diaz and participants


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