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FHP Training Academy
111th Class Activities

111th BRC Graduates
  • Dawn Adams
  • Raymond Agosto
  • Charles Alexander
  • Patrick Ambroise
  • Manuel Arias
  • Stephen Barr
  • Jason Bartholomew
  • Jefrall Betancourt
  • Valarie Biddle
  • Ricky Brown
  • Julio Carrillo
  • Joel Clark
  • Jonathan Denning
  • Anthony Dobosiewicz
  • Jason Duran
  • Clifford Fisher
  • Jason French
  • Scott Gardner
  • Michael Gosier
  • William Grissom
  • Michael Harman
  • Timothy Hendrix
  • Kevin Hildreth
  • Peter Hooker
  • Mark Horn
  • Mary Husic
  • Ezra Jackson
  • Julio Jordon
  • Derrick Lamar
  • Gabriel Marimon
  • Jeffrey Mason
  • John McGrede
  • Nicholas Menster
  • Quentin Mills
  • Christian Mosesman
  • William Murphy
  • Randall Naugher
  • Andy Ong
  • Travis Parks
  • Antry Pearson
  • Franciso Peralta
  • Gustavo Reyes
  • Chelsea Richard
  • Carlos Rivera
  • Donche' Robinson
  • Carlos Rosario
  • Brenda Simmons
  • Raymond Stuhr
  • Michael Thatcher
  • Chase Thompson
  • Brian Timmons
  • Yosdany Veloz
  • Thomas White
  • William Wiley
  • David Young
  • Jonathan Young
Basic Recruit Class Schedule
"111th Class Banquet" Photos

In Memory of Sergeant Virginia “V.J.” Johnson

"Mobile Field Force" Photos
"Radar" Photos
"PR24" Photos
"Water Safety" Photos
"Felony Stop" Photos
"Traffic Stop" Photos
"Pepper Spray" Photos
"Defensive Tactics" Photos
"First Aid" Photos
"CPR" Photos
"Vehicle Operations" Photos
"Remington 12 Gauge" Photos
"40 Caliber Beretta" Photos
Firearm Instructors Photos
Promotion photos
Basic Recruit Class "first day" photos

Class Activities
FHP Training Academy Home Page

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