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Class Activities
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117th BRC Graduates
"Graduation" photos
"Recruit Class Banquet" photos
"Certified Recruits First Day" photos

These recruits are law enforcement officers from other agencies who go through eight weeks of Agency Specified Training to become members of the Florida Highway Patrol.

"Vehicle Operations" photos
"High Risk Traffic Stops" photos
"Traffic Stops" photos
"Courtroom Procedures" photos
"Firearm" photos
"Pepper Spray" photos
"Defensive Tactics" photos
"First Aid" photos
"Tallahassee Regional Communications Center" photos
"CPR" photos
"Promotion" photos
Basic Recruit Class "receive campaign hat" photos
"First Day" photos

117th BRC
Maykol Artigas
Lisa Barnett
Janet Beagle
Jim Beauford
Robert Binegar
William Breen
Jose Brierly
Todd Burk
Alejandro Camacho
Taren Castro
Chad Corriveau
William Craig
Matthew Cranston
Russell Cruz
Julia DeJesus
Clark Egerton
David Flores
Dallani Garcia-Cruz
Aaron Godwin
Karl Gruebel
Bobby Hartzig
Nickolas Huckabee
Robert Imel
Locksley Johnson
Daniel Jonas
Shawn Kelly
Trevor Kemp
Sean Lalijie
Michael Manfredo
David Marihugh
Jason Moore
Barbi Myers
Andrew Nowling
Eric Oleson
Alexis Otano
Jonathan Patterson
Jonathen Rodriguez
Joseph St. Martin
Troy Stonebraker
John Tallman, Jr.
Mary Vickers
Raymond Zinser
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