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TALLAHASSEE - The 1999 Session of the Florida Legislature passed a revision to Section 322.34, of the Florida Statutes (Driving While License Suspended, Revoked, Canceled, or Disqualified) giving law enforcement agencies a new tool to remove and deny future transportation to habitual DUI offenders. The statute now provides for the "…seizure and forfeiture (of a vehicle) under Section 932.701-932.707 and is subject to liens for recovering, towing, or storing vehicles under Section 713.78 if, at the time of the (DUI) offense, the person's driver's license is suspended, revoked, or canceled as a result of a prior conviction for driving under the influence." This statutory revision has given law enforcement the ability to deny conveyance to the worst of the worst DUI offenders.

"It is apparent that the multiple DUI offender has no regard for the judicial system or for the innocent lives of the motoring public," said Colonel Charles C. Hall, Director of the FHP. "The purpose of this selective enforcement operation is to identify the recurring DUI offender, while partnering with the judicial system and successfully prosecuting the offenders and seizing their vehicles," added Hall.

The statutory revision became effective in January 2000 and the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) adopted a policy of zero tolerance for offenders meeting the requirements of the statute. To-date, FHP has seized more than 313 vehicles under this provision of Florida law, and through a partnership with the Office of the Attorney General, is pursuing forfeiture or settlement actions with the vehicle owners and lien holders. The statute has additional public benefits through a statutory provision that requires "when the seizing agency obtains a final judgment granting forfeiture of the motor vehicle under this section, 30 percent of the net proceeds from the sale of the motor vehicle shall be retained by the seizing law enforcement agency and 70 percent shall be deposited in the General Revenue Fund for use by regional workforce boards in providing transportation services for participants of the welfare transition program." In a forfeiture proceeding, the court may consider the extent that the family of the owner of a vehicle has other public or private means of transportation. Likewise, the Department of Highway safety and Motor Vehicles and the Florida Highway Patrol works closely with the Office of the Attorney General to identify any cases involving innocent owners and appropriate action is taken when releasing a vehicle through a stipulated agreement to address public safety concerns.

The 313 vehicles seized by the Florida Highway Patrol have an estimated value of $1,536,844.00. A total of 51 vehicles have been successfully awarded to the agency with an estimated value of $129,615.00.

Below is a description of the vehicles, which have been awarded to the Florida Highway Patrol as of April 15, 2001.

Troop Value Year Make Model
A $425.00 1982 Pontiac 6000 LE
A $800.00 1983 Chevrolet Camaro
A $1,325.00 1989 FORD TEMPO
A $1,350.00 1985 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX
A $1,375.00 1985 PLYMOUTH 4-DOOR
A $1,425.00 1977 Chevrolet Van
A $1,625.00 1985 DODGE STATION WAGON
A $2,175.00 1991 Chevrolet S-10 P/U
A $2,250.00 1990 Nissan Sentra
A $2,265.00 1989 NISSAN MAXIMA
A $2,500.00 1974 DODGE TRUCK
A $2,600.00 1989 FORD RANGER
A $2,750.00 1987 FORD THUNDERBIRD
A $2,800.00 1987 CHEVROLET VAN
A $2,865.00 1992 CUTLASS CIERA
A $3,530.00 1992 Dodge Ram 50
A $3,650.00 1990 BUICK  
A $4,045.00 1989 JEEP CHEROKEE
A $4,045.00 1990 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX
A $4,075.00 1988 JEEP CHEROKEE
A $4,125.00 1990 CHEVROLET LUMINA
A $4,550.00 1990 PONTIAC FIREBIRD
A $5,750.00 1989 CHEVROLET PICKUP
B $2,175.00 1989 DODGE SHADOW
B $4,000.00 1993 GMC SAFARI VAN
B $6,300.00 1993 Pontiac Van
C $1,025.00 1984 BUICK REGAL
C $2,800.00 1988 OLDSMOBILE  
D $650.00 1988 HYUNDAI EXCEL
D $1,885.00 1986 Subuaru Station Wagon
D $4,570.00 1991 MAZDA 626
E $1,350.00 1987 FORD F-150
G $1,000.00 1985 FORD CROWN VIC
G $1,250.00 1980 MERCURY ZEPHYR
H $1,260.00 1975 Ford P/U
H $1,800.00 1987 FORD ESCORT
H $1,975.00 1984 TOYOTA PICKUP
H $2,085.00 1986 OLDSMOBILE  
H $2,200.00 1987 Ford Ranger
H $2,925.00 1991 Ford Taurus L
H $5,000.00 1987 FORD F-150
H $7,070.00 1994 CHEVY PICKUP
L $1,000.00 1988 Ford Escort
L $1,695.00 1987 VOLVO  
L $5,650.00 1991 TOYOTA  


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