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For Release July 9, 2007:

Thirty-one people were killed in crashes investigated by Florida Highway Patrol troopers over the six-day July 4th holiday driving period, which began July 3 and ended July 8, 2007.

During this period, troopers charged 167 people with driving under the influence; issued 7,589 speeding citations; issued 1,426 seatbelt and child restraint citations; and assisted 4,225 motorists on Florida’s highways.

The Florida Highway Patrol again participated in Operation C.A.R.E. (Combined Accident Reduction Effort), a national program aimed at reducing the number of traffic crashes on interstate highways during holiday periods. During the official holiday driving period (Tuesday, July 3, through Sunday July 8, 2007), the Florida Highway Patrol investigated 2,270 collisions.

The statistical information provided below represents preliminary figures and covers only those crashes investigated by Florida Highway Patrol troopers.

  • The 31 deaths occurred in 28 separate traffic crashes.
  • 16 fatalities (or 52 %) occurred during the hours of darkness.
  • Of the 28 traffic crashes, 23 (or 82 %) remain listed as pending test results; with 5 (or 18 %) presently classified as not alcohol related.
  • Of the 31 deaths, 4 (or 13 %) were pedestrians, 2 (or 6 %) were bicyclists and 1(or 3 %) was riding a go-cart.
  • 67 % of those killed in vehicles normally equipped with safety belts were not wearing their belts.
Date Troop County Fatality Alcohol Related Restraints
7/4/07 A Escambia Driver Pending Yes
7/3/07 A Bay Driver Pending Yes
7/4/07 B Marion Driver Pending No
7/3/07 B Levy Driver No Yes
7/3/07 C Hillsborough Driver No No
7/5/07 C Pinellas Driver Pending No
7/6/07 C Pinellas Pedestrian No N/A
7/6/07 C Pasco Driver Pending No
7/7/07 C Hernando Driver Pending No
7/8/07 C Hernando Driver Pending No
*7/6/07 D Lake Driver Pending No
*7/6/07 D Lake Passenger Pending Yes
*7/8/07 E Miami-Dade Driver Pending No
*7/8/07 E Miami-Dade Passenger Pending No
7/6/07 E Monroe Pedestrian Pending N/A
7/4/07 F Sarasota Driver No Yes
7/7/07 F Lee Pedestrian Pending N/A
7/7/07 F Manatee Go-Cart Driver Pending N/A
*7/7/07 F Lee Driver Pending No
*7/7/07 F Lee Passenger Pending No
7/8/07 F Manatee Bicyclist Pending N/A
7/8/07 F Desoto Driver Pending No
7/6/07 G Union Driver Pending No
7/7/07 H Wakulla Driver Pending No
7/8/07 H Taylor Bicyclist Pending N/A
7/6/07 K St. Lucie Passenger No No
7/7/07 K Orange Pedestrian Pending N/A
7/6/07 L St. Lucie Driver Pending No
7/6/07 L St. Lucie Driver Pending Yes
7/8/07 L St. Lucie Driver Pending Yes
7/8/07 L Palm Beach Driver Pending Yes

            *  -MULTIPLE FATAL CRASH


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