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Specialty Plate Revenue Sets a Record

CONTACT: Robert Sanchez
Public Information Administrator

February 9, 2001

Florida motorists spent more than $20.1 million last year buying specialty license plates that support a variety of programs, from college scholarships to environmental research.

That brings the total revenue raised to $175.3 million in the 14 years since the program began with the Challenger license plate in January of 1987. Florida's 51 specialty plates cost anywhere from $15 to $25 more than a standard license plate.

Last year also saw some shuffling in the rankings. "Protect the Panther" ($25) edged past "Save the Manatee" to claim first place, with 110,026 plates and renewals raising $2.7 million. The manatee plate ($20) had 106,737 plates and renewals, raising $2.1 million.

The University of Florida moved into third place, with 75,548 plates and renewals raising $1.8 million. Florida State University moved up to fourth, with 63,572 plates and renewals raising $1.5 million. Revenue from collegiate plates is used for "academic enhancements."

Sales and revenue increased for the Challenger plate during the past three years, but its ranking dropped from third in 1998 to fourth in 1999 and fifth in 2000. The plate's 56,743 sales and renewals raised $1.4 million last year. Half of the Challenger plate's revenue goes to the Astronaut Memorial Foundation and half to the Technological Research and Development Authority.

Rounding out the top 10 sellers were No. 6. "Protect Wild Dolphins" (49,364 plates and renewals); No. 7 "Help Sea Turtles Survive" (42,842); No. 8 "Support Education" (37,409); No. 9 "State of the Arts" (35,529); and No. 10 "Invest in Children" (28,395).

The 25 top-selling plates accounted for 91.3 percent of all sales and renewals in 2000; the bottom 26 plates combined accounted for only 8.7 percent.

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